Pluspoint Pte Ltd

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PLUSPOINT. Your Trusted Premier Global Supplier for Apartments, Hotels & Construction



  • Don't want to risk your reputation & contracts on shoddy workmanship & materials?
  • Worried that new & untested suppliers might shortchange you?
  • Domestic suppliers too expensive but don't know whom else to engage? 
  • Need a reliable, trusted supplier of building materials?


PLUSPOINT is Your Answer. 
Trusted Supplier to satisfied developers, architects & builders all over the World since 1985.

Send us your Design Drawings, Requirements & Specifications TODAY. 
We will promptly customise, price and build your requests for you. 
We engineer comprehensive solutions for Hotel & Apartment Projects, Construction Supply & Furnishings. 
Effectively leverage our resources. Let us sharpen your competitive edge & take that load of your shoulders.
So you can focus on the things that really matter to you; The Core of Your Business.