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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring (PVC)

Durable and easy to install. Practical flooring solution for all sorts of applications. Amongst the easiest flooring to maintain & clean. Excellent choice for heavy traffic areas. Ideal for use in public, institutional and commercial buildings, (e.g. Hotels & Supermarkets). Where ease of maintenance & long lifespan are the primary concerns.

Heterogeneous Sheet Flooring

1.5mm(T)x2.0m(W)x20m(L)/Roll; 2.0mm(T)x2.0m(W)x20m(L)/Roll.
Heterogeneous Sheet Flooring is durable, easy to install and maintain. Wear Layer Thickness 0.5mm,

Sample of Our Selection :

Heterogeneous Marble Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Sample of Our Selection :

Heterogeneous Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Homogeneous Sheet Flooring

1.5mm(T)x2.0m(W)x20m(L)/Roll; 2.0mm(T)x2.0m(W)x20m(L)/Roll
High performance flexible homogeneous multipurpose flooring. Available in sheet. Directional design. Polyurethane surface treatment(PU): for ease of maintenance. Densely compacted surface for improved wear maintenance. Anti-bacterial and fungicidal. Antistatic.

Sample of Our Selection :

Homogeneous PU Surface Vinyl Sheet Flooring