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Construction Plywood

Film Faced / Shuttering Plywood Specifications


1. Sizes 915 x 1830mm, 1220 x 2440mm, 1250 x 2500mm or Request
2. Thickness Different thickness available, from 4mm to 21mm
3. Core Poplar, Birch, Hardwood, Combined or per Request
4. Glue WBP, MR
5. Film Imported dark brown film (Dynea or Store-Enso)120g/m2,
Chinese black film 180-240g/m2
6. Grade A/A grade or per Request
7. Packing Inner packed with plastic bag, outside with 3mm plywood
Further secured with iron straps
8. Application For Construction - Concrete Shuttering. Formwork


Film Faced Plywood Advice

To ensure that the plywood performs at its best, as designed. Always clean and repair the formwork panels before storage. The formwork should then be stacked off the ground on level supports and under cover. Framed formwork panels should be stacked alternately face and back to back to avoid face damages by bolts etc. If panels are wet, do not allow them to dry too rapidly.

Phenolic fabric film faced plywood edges are fully sealed at the factory and it is the most important that all edges remain sealed. To obtain full value from a phenolic fabric film faced sheet any recut edges should sealed as soon as possible with water proof paint.

Any holes made in fabric film faced formwork panels should also be sealed to prevent water entering. If water does enter it may cause swelling around the holes.

To obtain full life, cleaning should be carried out immediately after each use. Phenolic fabric film faced plywood may be wiped with release agent or cleaned with water and stiffbrush . It may be necessary to use a hard wood scraper but care should be taken not to damage the plywood face. Do not use a wire brush or sharp metal scraper to dislodge hardened concrete

Bamboo Plywood Specifications

Commercial Plywood Specifications

1. Size 1220 x 2440mm or per your request
2. Thickness 3.6mm-21mm
3. Core Okoume, Poplar, Meranti, Bintangor, Birch, Combined or as per your request
4. Face/back veneer Poplar, Birch, Okoume, Meranti, Bintangor or per your request
5. Glue E1, E2, MR, WBP,MLM
6. Grade B/BB, BB/BB, BB/CC,CC/DD or per your request
7. Application Furniture, Packaging etc.