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Architectural & Performance Glass

Laminated Glass


  • Max glass panel size is 2500*8000mm
  • Total glass thickness range is 6.38-75mm
  • Two layers or multi-layers PVB membrane is 0.38-3.04mm
  • Transparent sandwich glass, coating sandwich glass, toughened sandwich glass, artistic sandwich glass, bulletproof glass, and various kinds of curved sandwich glass
  • Glass performance qualities. Windproofness, shock resistance, fire prevention, sound insulation, anti-penetrability, anti-ultraviolet, etc.
  • BS952 (UK). ASTMC 1172-2003 (US)
Insulated Double Glazed Glass

InsulatedGlass1  InsulatedGlass2
  • Combined with Low-E Glass.
  • Glass performance qualities. Heat insulation, sound insulation, dew resistance, low radiation
  • Double Glazing Options : Combinations of Tinted/Clear Glass, Coated Glass, Heat Reflective Glass, Low-E Glass
  • DIN 1286 (GM). JIS R 3209-1998 (JP)

Float Glass

FloatGlass1  FloatGlass2  FloatGlassLowE1  FloatGlassLowE2

  • Low-E Float Glass
  • Coated thermostatic glass. Allowing solar energy & visible. light to penetrate, coupled with high infrared reflectivity
  • Other Float Glass
  • Dark Grey. Euro Grey. Regular Float Glass. Ultra Clear Float Glass.

Tempered Glass

TemperedGlass1  TemperedGlass2  TemperedGlass3

  • Max. processed glass size of 2400*7000mm
  • Min. processed glass size of 250*380mm
  • Total glass thickness range is 2.8-25mm
  • ASTM 1048-04 (US). BS 6206-1981 (UK)
  • Heat Soak Test: DIN 18516. (GM) EN 14179-1 (EU)