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Aluminium Windows & Doors

Project Glazing Work. We manufacture aluminium windows and doors exactly to your architectural specifications. Right down to profile thickness, powder coated finish, glass type tempered/laminated glass & dimensions. Send us your architectural drawings & project specifications today. We will provide you a quote on FOB or CIF basis.

As sampled below, we can also provide Aluminium & Glazing Shop drawings provided prior to commencement of production.

Selection Of Our Shop Drawings

Aluminium Doors Windows 2        Aluminium Doors Windows 3

Aluminium Glass Balustrades Railings        Aluminium Doors Windows 1

Selection of Our Standard Aluminium Windows

  Aluminium Casement Windows        Aluminium Casement Sliding Windows             Aluminium Swing Casement Louvre Windows                Aluminium Top Hung Windows

 Aluminium Casement Windows           Aluminium Casement Sliding Windows         Aluminium Casement Louvre Windows                Aluminium Top Hung Windows

We also supply a full range of customisable Aluminium Doors : Sliding Doors & Swing Doors (Any required configuration - e.g. OXXO. XOOX etc).

The other items we supply includes, but are not limited to Aluminium Roller Shutters, Glass Ballustrades and Aluminium Door Frames.

Sample Aluminium Profiles - Aluminium Sliding Windows

Aluminium Sliding Window Profile 1        Aluminium Sliding Window Profile 2